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Cordkillers: Ep. Beta 2 – Ear love

Are more people really cutting the Internet than TV? The answer is sort of, if you squint. And find out what game is the most pirated video of 2013 with thrones.

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Welcome to the revolution

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for your freedom? Are you tired of living under the oppression of that snake-like coax cable that insists IT is the true arbiter of what you can watch and when and where you can watch it?

Kill it.

We’ll help.

So many people and things have led up to this moment. The big bang. DNA. Seafaring. Peanut butter. Philo Farnsworth. Walt Disney. Ted Turner. Vint Cerf. Tim Berners-Lee and You.

You hold the power. Previously we’ve framed this movement as something that only rated a cautious approach. Now we’re headed over the top. Join us.