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It’s Spoilerin’ Time 272 – Toy Story 4, Chernobyl (102), Extras (101)

Toy Story 4 extends a rather fine trilogy–is it worthy? Chernobyl brings 50,000 roentgens of drama. Plus, the start of our next library show, Extras.

Next week on It’s Spoilerin’ Time: Chernobyl (103) and Extras (102). Plus, maybe Legion (301)?

00:35 – Summer Movie Draft update
05:27 – Toy Story 4
16:45 – Chernobyl (102)
28:54 – Extras (101)

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It’s Spoilerin’ Time Episode 55 – Marco Polo (Ep. 7) The Shield (408), Hacking the System

How Hundred Eyes almost made Tom like Marco Polo, Vic Mackie’s life gets even more complicated, watch Hacking the System, it rocks.

02:24 – Marco Polo
13:48 – The Shield
21:40 – Hacking the System

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